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One of New Zealand’s Longest Publishing Successes

Publishing diverse newspaper and magazine titles across a range of business activities  since 1876. We publish a portfolio of premium titles in shipping, logistics and trade; equities investment; current affairs & leisure; projects & tenders and insurance. We also offer collateral design services.


MG Publications is the trading identity of Mercantile Gazette Marketing Ltd. The company has published commercial information for the New Zealand business community since 1876.

The Publisher and Managing Editor of MG Publications is Warren Head. He holds an M.A. (Hons) in Political Science, University of Canterbury. As a national newspaper financial journalist he has several national awards in financial, business, and investigatory journalism. A specialist in oil and gas E & P  he was a correspondent for the Tulsa-based Oil & Gas Journal and also a leading national golf writer. He launched The Headliner in 1979 with fellow financial journalists Frank Bennett, Adrian Sturman and Terry Hall as contributing editors. He is also Managing Editor of the New Zealand Shipping Gazette and Trade News and a regular commentator on international trade, foreign affairs, equities markets and politics. He is also Managing Director of the investor relations and business consultancy Head Consultants Ltd.

MG Publications is the trading name of Mercantile Gazette Marketing Ltd.
NZBN: 9429040331492

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