NZ Shipping & Transport Directory

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New Zealand Shipping & Transport Directory

An Annual Directory of the New Zealand shipping industry and associated freight forwarding, maritime and trade insurance companies and other affiliated sectors.

The NZ Shipping & Transport Directory is a comprehensive users’ guide to the New Zealand maritime, logistics and transport industry. The NZ Shipping & Transport Directory provides marketing and contact details of companies, personnel and services available in the New Zealand shipping, logistics and transport industry. The Shipping Directory backgrounds each of New Zealand’s port companies with operational details. The Directory also lists: Container Services; Marine Insurance and Shipping Agents. Shipping and marine services – including marine consultants, engineers and electronic specialists, provedores and chandlers, ship builders and repairers, cargo surveyors, stevedores, charter and cargo brokers and customs brokers. 

The transport services section includes freight services, storage contractors, warehousing and distribution services and transport operators. The NZ Shipping & Transport Directory is published annually by MG Publications (Est. 1876), publishers of the weekly newspaper NZ Shipping Gazette/Trade News.

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